About James


James Everton-Milton (né James Milton, when you marry someone it’s a union in every sense of the word) is a spoken word artist, a published poet, data scientist and former Army officer. His war poetry has appeared in the Guardian, the Rudyard Kipling Society and in the critique of the Afghan War ‘Investment in Blood’ by Frank Ledwidge, with whom James served in Iraq. He was recently commissioned by BBC5 to write the poem ‘In this silence we remember’  to commemorate the 100th Remembrance Sunday.

James first started writing poetry when he was 24, spurred on by the death of a colleague on an Army expedition he was taking part in. As an Arabic speaker, he completed some thirteen months service in Iraq spread between 2003-2006 and found great comfort in writing poetry to deal with the issues he experienced there. He is a great believer in the power of poetry as a form of therapy to enable people who have experienced difficult situations to understand how they have been affected and to move on.

After years of keeping the poetry to himself, he decided in 2012 to try his hand at spoken word and spent a very happy time on the London scene competing in Slams and performing at a variety of venues from Bermondsey to Cricklewood. During this period he expanded his subject range widely, writing on all manner of London characters, personal change and the ever present danger of a Zombie apocalypse. He also tried his hand at Short Stories and completed a Science Fiction novel which he is now working on getting published.

Following a year off the scene between 2013-2014 to take an MSc in Computer Science, get married, move house and start a new career as a data scientist, James is back performing once again.

James can be contacted at this email address: sangriffe@gmail.com

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