Coffee and Shots

This is not about coffee or shots per se but damn, they’re good metaphors.

Coffee and Shots

A bad lover is like a shot of spirits,

You only see them in the evening,

They seem like a good idea at the time,

But the next day, you lie in bed filled with regret

Wondering why you did all those things

That just aren’t you.

You try to persuade your friends that they should like them too

But you can see from the look in their eyes, they are only going along

With this intruder into the fun because it’s you asking.

And all too often this toxic love  end in gasping and tears,

Thinking, why do I do this, I know what’s bound to happen.

It’s been happening for years.

But a good lover, a good lover is like a cup of coffee, warm and rich

And you’re happy to wake up to them each morning.

They’re someone you savour, who you can share with friends

Over lunch, they liven up the conversation

And if you indulge late in the evening

Well, you’re bound to be up all night.

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