This is as good as it gets

first tranche (1)

Prior to quitting my job, spending a year taking a Masters in Computer Science and then becoming a Data Scientist, I wrote this. 

Because life is happening to you right here and right now and you’ve got to grab it.

This is as good as it gets

This is as good as it gets

So smile, no-one’s taking notes,

When we get to the end,

It’s not like x-factor, there won’t be a vote

On how well it all went,

No angel, heaven sent or otherwise is going to reveal

Your mystic score in the game of life.

Your trouble, your strife, these are not going to be weighed

Against the good times and a score allotted.

So don’t get knotted  into a tight little ball

About where you fit into it all and perform this simple test.


Look around yourself,

If the people and situation you are in are not the best

You could hope for.

Pause again,


And then act

Because the present is all you have and that’s a plain and simple fact.

If you’re unhappy, move and change

And if you’re content, then look ahead and seek to arrange

For your bliss to continue.

Life is like a bird that flies into a room through a window

And then out the other.

And nobody knows if we get another.

Your here and now is where you live

Where you take and give,

Your happiness and sorrow

And there truly is no tomorrow

Because it will all become today,

The way it has done for everyone

Everywhere, since the beginning

That first chimp left that tree

And said, ‘The grounds got more future for me than swinging through branches’

So, like him,

Or her,

Own your now, your one life, a myriad of chances

To make as good as it gets

As good as it could be.

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