Unearth was an exhibition by the artist Ian Garlant, an incredible homage to the Norwegian Viking traditions.

It was stark, ascetic and Spartan in its beauty.


Stark contrast to

Fat smug of plenty,

Etched in lines of

Earth hewn stone

I look and

Hear a Viking echo

Screams and metal,

A knife edged life

Where blood and passion ruled before

The Christ child tamed it all

A vision of

Our pagan past

The animal

That lies within

Memories long hidden


The lure of travel,

The lust to conquer

To wake and know

From your first breath

Today you will face


And greet him smiling

Knowing that

The dice are loaded

In his game

One day you’ll stumble

And be lost

With nothing left

To speak your worth

Except the glory of your


And now I turn,

My dream recedes

The chatter, humdrum,

Dull returns

And yet the kernel has been lit

And deep inside, a dark fire burns.

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