A soldier’s prayer

The press likes to paint soldiers as heroes or villains but mostly, we’re just young men (or at least I was, getting a bit long in the tooth now) who want to do our job and then go party.

So this would be our prayer because we’re not saints…we’re soldiers.

A Soldier’s Prayer

God give me a bird
And some booze and a bed
And a tv with Sky
In a house by the Med

And my mates in that same house
With birds and booze too
And a town down the road
Where there’s something to do

Not this bunk in this camp
The sand and the waste
That gets in the air
Gives all food the same taste

Nor the heat and the wire
The grey sullen looks
As we tab down the streets
Past the shops and the sooqs

Or the threat of an ambush
Being bumped unaware
The car bombs and mortars
This slow grinding fear

For the bullet that gets you’s
Not the one that you hear
And the blast from the bomb
Never reaches your ear

In fact God forget it
I see I’ve been greedy
In war as in life
It don’t pay to be needy

Birds and booze come and go
That’s a plain simple fact
Just get me home safely
My bollocks intact

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