And on that day

I always tried to believe in God but it just never added up for me. All the religious texts I read were both wildly contradictory of each other and self contradictory. About three years ago, I just gave up on  it and it was the single most liberating moment of my life.

Freed of cosmic judgement and the prospect of heaven or a re-run of life, I knew that I only had one opportunity to do the things I wanted to do. Heaven or hell was in my hands. It’s my fervent wish that the same realization might one day dawn on humanity as a whole.

And on that day

It was the day that changed everything,

When the girls and boys in lab coats proved

That when the physical become undone,

Truly everything was gone

And nothing  was left

There was

No God, no spirit, no hidden force,

You couldn’t divorce mind and matter

And all the prayers and hymns throughout time were idle chatter

Aimed at an empty sky.

That the voice in the minds of prophets were echoes of their own

Rebounding within their heads

That when people died, they were dead, and that was the end

God could no more send his son to offer us eternal life

Then he could knock up someone else’s wife immaculately.

That for thousands of years,

Our ancestors were utterly and spectactularly


We had offered up sacrifice and song to thin air

That everyone who dared to speak out against religion and belief

Who had been brought to greif by the maddened followers

Of an unseen diety

Forced to recant by an ignorant laity threatening their kith and kin

Had been right,

And their only sin was to go against the ignorance of the group.

To refuse to stoop and bend their knees before a meaningless altar.

And on that day, the news brought the world to a halt and silence

As people came to stand in huge crowds outside their once places of worship

Staring at these monuments to nothing,

Wondering how it was that so much effort, so many lives, money, love, pain could have been thrown away

Amongst them, the priests of many faiths, who, without a word to say, stood shellshocked and dumb

Like wraiths come to a  world where they had no reason to be

And then in the depths of that stunned quiet,

Soft at first then like the coming of light that marks the dawn at the end of night

A single thought spread and leapt from mind to mind

A realization struck all humankind

That they were now completely alone,

And things could never be the same

To make heaven or hell, was in their hands,

There was no one else they could blame.

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