Anger is easy

This was written in the immediate aftermath of the Lee Digby tragedy. Like everyone else, I was appalled by what had happened on that street in Woolwich, but like many, I recognised what those two murderers wanted was to polarize the debate.

We can’t let that happen.

Anger is easy

Anger is easy,

I can feel it right now,

Beneath my skin,

That they killed one of my own

In broad daylight, in a street,

On his way home

Hate is easy,

To hate these men

Who stare, caught forever

From the pages of newspapers.

Blood stained hands

Gripping knives and cleavers.

To be a bigot would be easy

To choose to take

The actions of these

Criminals, these murderers

And to say, oh yes,

It’s because of their religion.

But I will not choose

That easy path

And turn that poor boy

Into a martyr

I won’t dance on the strings

Of a fanatic’s hate.

That way,

Despite what they have done

They will have accomplished……nothing

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