Are you not entertained?

Snapshot 5 (06-04-2014 16-36)

This poem is partially inspired by that wonderful scene in Gladiator where Maximus wins against overwhelming odds in the arena and screams at the crowd ‘Are you not entertained?’

The cadence of this piece starts slowly and then builds in speed. It’s fun to perform but easy to trip over on.

I don’t like how easy it is to get distracted these days. Clarity and planning seem to disappear because there’s just too much white noise.

But we keep on listening.

Maybe we should seek to strip some away.

Are you not entertained?

Now, what passes for sanity amongst

Humanity would drive a wise man mad,

Technology’s dream was not what it seemed

Hardly progress but a mess,  of constant

Distraction, non stop interaction that

Leaves the mind no room to think, so we sink

Into a mire of twenty four hour news,

View after view without substance, empty

Dialogue, A monologue of reality

TV shows, with no room for

Soul, whilst corporations whose sole goal is

To steal the sweat of your brow, no matter

When, no matter how, push products on folks

With no cash seeking a flash of comfort

In their lives, solace from husbands and wives

Who no longer understand but merely

Command the respect of habit, not love.

Whilst governments hide their iron gloves

Behind a web of propaganda and

Pander to the passing fads of the day,

Do anything they can to ignore what

People say, drop bombs from drones on villages

Far away and no one dares or cares

To stop this crazy merry go round we’re

On and before you know it, your life has

Been and gone and you realize you’ve spent

It staring at images,  banal and

Obscene, whilst  the devil looks out from the

Flickering screen at a world in pain and

He grins as he catches your eye and asks

‘Are you not entertained????’

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