Eden Regained

There is a quote often attributed to Churchill that runs ‘A man who is not a liberal in his twenties has no heart, a man who is a liberal in his thirties has no head.’

Churchill did not say this.

However, I also don’t think it’s true. I started out considerably more right wing than I am now and have progressively shifted more to the left as the effects of rampant, selfish, in it for yourself capitalism have wrecked the institutions and the country I love.

Money is supposed to be our servant and not our master, yet the market has become a justification for almost any measure governments and their big business backers wish to impose, no matter how damaging it is to communities.

Along with a lot of people, I feel this should stop, but it’s going to require some hard headedness and graft to do. Pretty words are never enough and Russell Brand’s energetic apathy is entirely the wrong path.

Eden Regained

The revolution will not come unless it is well financed

Because money is the freedom to act

And whilst it is a useful servant

It is a terrible master

The revolution will not come until we can make

The water flow and food grow in the fields

Because thirst and hunger will be used as whips

Against our free minds.

The revolution will not come until we can produce

For ourselves and let those who produced

And those who created take their share,

Or we will be held thrall by the purveyors of shiny trinkets

Always taking the majority and leaving the crumbs

For those whose sweat and labour

To squabble over

In the dust at their feet.

The revolution will not come as long as you tune in

And drop out, composing verses and songs

In your minds and fuelling anger in the evenings

That briefly fills the empty gaps where

You know you should be whole, but after the hit, you awake to find

No lasting solution.

The revolution will not come without self-discipline

Hard work and sacrifice and though music

Can be a catalyst and well-chosen words

A means to galvanize action, they are nothing

But whispers on the wind, empty threats

Without the means to enforce our will.

The revolution will not come through displays in the street

Or debates on television or petitions to our masters and betters

Because they do not respect words, for they are creatures of power

And avarice, and they care not for reason.

But when they awake to find empty bank balances,

Their streets unpoliced, their products unbought,

Their lies ignored, their guns empty and their soldiers gone,

Then they will wake up and listen.

The revolution will not come unless we take what we want

No one is going to give it to us

For if we have the courage and the will and the work

We can create an Eden on earth

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