Just because you can…..

This is a poetic rendering of an actual conversation I had with a very brave US Marine. I’ll leave it to you to read it but he was very funny and very smart.

Just because you can..

I sat south of Fallujah by
What once had been a factory
Producing God knows what
But now it housed our boys

Lined up in rows of camp beds
Surrounded by a sea of kit
Pistols, rifles, smoke grenades
And other deadly toys.

Hank was sat beside me
From the State of Alabama
United States Marine Corps,
As solid as a brick

But Hank for all his muscles
Was sharper than a razor
If your job is bomb disposal
You last longer if you’re quick

“How you doing Sir?” he asked me
As he rolled a smoke beside me
We sat there in the morning air
Stayed silent for a while

Then Hank lit up his cigarette
Pulled out two cokes, gave one to me
Took a pull and then he turned
And said this with a smile

“I’ve been out here for near a year,
I’ve lost a friend, I can’t drink beer,
There are no girls, not much to do,
The locals don’t like me or you”

(A pause, but Hank’s not finished yet,
He took a drag on his cigarette)

When I get back home to the States
To see my girl and family
I’ll lead a special campaign so
That wars like this don’t start

To have inscribed above the door
of Congress and the Senate
and the White House, these eight words
That everyone should learn by heart.

‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.’

And I said

‘Good idea Hank.’

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