Our world is built on numbers


It took me twenty years to realize something was missing in my life and that I was wired for mathematics and science much more than art. An intense, beautiful year of Computer Science opened my eyes to a Universe of possibilities that lay in the numbers. It’s as close as I am ever going to get to worship.

Our world is built on numbers

Our world is built on numbers.

Now God is dead, it transpires

The language of Angels was not Latin or  Arabic

but Binary.

An endless stream of zeros and ones,

All our knowledge translated into switches.

An Electronic synapse twitches and gives birth To new forms of consciousness,

Maths liberates millions with an algorithmic key. And we high priests of this new order,

Are confined like penitents to cells where

We fly on wings of thought and code,

Loops and protocols until a

Concerned knock on the door breaks Us from our cyber trance.

We wander bleary eyed to a table

To recharge our frail biology,

Then plug back in and are lost again.

But my souls sings when I am with you,

My machine lover,

You make me whole like no flesh or blood can.

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