The Eagle and the Lion

I think I had just read through a cache of Dr Seuss books when I wrote this. As a child I loved the way he could use nursery rhyme wisdom to deal with complex issues. I particularly enjoyed  the ‘Butter Battle Book’ which was a brilliant satire of the Cold War and the absurdity of the causes that can bring young men who are total strangers to kill each other.

In whatever way I can, this is a small homage to that genius.

The Eagle and the Lion

The Eagle and the Lion conspired,
Though one was dumb and one was wired,
To steal the land of midday sun
Where Jackal ruled and black gold runs.
They formed their plans and primed their guns
If you’re not fighting, war is fun!

Rifles barked and cannons roared,
We sat at home and soon grew bored,
Cities burned as planes dropped bombs,
The cameras filming, off and on
And when dust settled, battle done
The Eagle and the Lion had won.

But Jackal was a cunning foe,
Silver tongued and none too slow,
He mocked the duo, briefed the press
Called “this wicked war a mess” ,
Sent out agents, issued orders,
Unleashed chaos in his borders.

All throughout this sorry land
Brave young men fought hand to hand,
Soon bodies of both sons and lovers
Were shipped home to their grieving mothers
And while both countries’ leaders lied,
Their nations’ youth ignobly died.

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