Zombie apocalypse – London Town

We all know how to survive a Zombie apocalypse in America but what about our beloved Metropolis?

A guide to surviving a London based disaster is below, as is an audio link.



Zombie apocalypse,  London town

Deaths tolls up, but house prices down,

From Mayfair to Shoreditch, buildings are vacant

Schools have no children,

Doctors no patients

The living dead have taken the streets

Mumbling, shuffling, searching for meat

As I look out on London

From the top of the Shard

I can see all the way through to old Scotland Yard

In Hackney, dead hipsters, their skin white and ashen

Strut their stuff in tight jeans,  still adhering to fashion

Quiffs styled in blood, they dance to the tune

Of the dub step of death,  beneath the red moon.

In the city, dead hippies have taken St Pauls

And eaten the rich, who all hid in their halls

Even now, there’s a crowd massed up by the Gherkin

Seeking out the last banker, said to be lurking

Up high in the sky, but his money won’t save

His skin from these zombies who crawled from the grave

Strange how they target him even in death

Maybe there’s still some intelligence left

In the west end, the chic and glamorous search

For the last of the tourists, all left in the lurch

By this change in the British, not normally rude

Now we rip you apart and use you for food.

Look! A man in Green Park ismaking a dash

For a boat on the river, but quick as a flash

A crowd of dead models has caught him and well

If the devil wears prada, then he’s now in hell.

In Buckingham palace the Queen and the Prince

Have eaten the government, mashed up in mince

They’ve gone through the parties, every M.P.

So now, you could say we’re a true monarchy

I look out from my haven, on the dead in the street

All searching for sustenance, hooked on the beat

Of a dance Macabre, Necropolis tune

That throbs and spills from that red harvest moon

It haunts me each night, it won’t go away

It’s there in my dreams, it whispers some day

Some day you’ll be like them, Some day you’ll be mine

You’ll eat flesh for your bread and blood for your wine

Well that’s not going to happen, I won’t play to that song

So here’s my decision, whilst my will is still strong

One more glass of wine and a last cigarette

Then straight off the edge of the Shard, no regrets!


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