Mr Afzal Amin – A rhyming slang primer

I, like many people, was fascinated by the story of Afzal Amin, the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate who allowed himself to be filmed talking about staging a fake demo with the English Defence League as a means of gaining popularity and winning the seat of Dudley North.

It was so awful it begged for satire. Hence, this cautionary primer so future prospective MPs might avoid such dishonour.

An audio link can be found here:

Afzal Amin – A rhyming slang primer

Afzal Amin;

Soldier of the Queen,

Royal connections;

MP selection,

Dudley could be Tory;

Comeback story,


Blueprint for the nation,

Meeting EDL;

On the road to hell,

Tommy’s video;

Could be time to go,

Fake racist demos;

Very odd bedfellows

Using the P-Word;

Was that really what we heard?

Nut hoodies in the face;

Seems a little out of place……

Daily Mail full cover spread;

Someone’s going to lose their head,

Attempt robust defence;

Dithering on the fence,

All party indignation ;

Calls for resignation,

Vow to carry on;

In a second you’ll be gone,

Blogging you were had;

Denial of facts is sad,

Motto of this tale;

Talks with fascists always fail.

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