What happened in Garissa is so terrible because it is so familiar from history. Men of hate fear the young because they represent another chance to rise above the petty jealousies of the past and to build a better world. It is something that all of us, in whatever small way we can, must oppose. 


To kill the young is to kill the future,

It is to silence thought and deny potential.

There is no belief, no existential cause that can justify

This slaughter,

Someone’s daughter,

Someone’s son, life finished before it has truly begun,

Perhaps amongst them a genius, perhaps a great leader,

But if not, so what?

This girl in yellow may have been an avid reader,

That boy in blue, too shy to speak to her as she passed by,

Hoping always to catch her eye

But instead they both lie

Together  on the ground, forever strangers

For they will utter no sound now

And I would ask how

But I know the answer too well.

That the road to hell is taken one step at a time

The grime of hate and violence accumulates over the years

A product of enforced silence and fears fostered

By men of power and God,

So it’s not odd to find that when prophets speak

Soon, there will be blood,

For they are all angry, vengeful Gods

Who have no wish for us to live our lives by reason,

That is why they see education as treason.

They would not have their work undone

And this is why they kill the young.

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