Clicktivist Rebel

I don’t like relentless negativity. We all need to whinge from time to time but you’ve got to balance out the negative with a positive vision. It’s not enough simply to identify the world has problems, there are very few people around who don’t know that on some level, you have to put forward solutions. 

So this poem is really about the sort of social media warrior who spends all of their (mostly his) time ranting about how the world is so awful but never finds time to come up with anything that might help. In many ways he’s the modern version of Rik Mayall’s Rick from the Young Ones. He would make a very good partner to the Middle Class Revolutionary

Clicktivist Rebel

Johnny Babylon, he’s the people’s

Poet and doesn’t he let you know it?

His speech peppered with the rhetoric of

Revolutions long dead, his verse filled with

Dyspeptic, salacious vocabulary

That obscures the shallowness of his

Thoughts, he talks like he has fought against the

Man all his life but he has never known

The rule of the gun or knife nor been on

The run for his beliefs or felt true grief.

He wishes so much he was from any

Minority, so his fire and anger

Would have more justification, wants to

Educate the nation how ‘salvation

Lies in the generation of positivity’,

Yet somehow can’t see his way

Through to doing proper in depth research,

Knowing both sides is far too much hard work.

Soundbites are his friends, he sends them hurtling

Into the ether, either those angry

Comments he knows we all agree with or

Rewording articles by smarter folk

Than him, he spreads thoughts and forebodings that

Are grim and without hope, to rope in likes

And shares on the web he shifts his comments

With the ebb and flow of recent protests

Or tragedy, but his words are empty

See, because Johnny never ever has

An answer to the pain the world is in,

He can see the sin, preach about the woe

But solving the issue is somewhere he

Just won’t go, since it’s easier to rant

And rage rather than turn the page and seek

A  solution, but he’s a Clicktivist

Rebel, spouting endless noise pollution.


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