It’s got to be love

So I am on my way to Stratford and I spot this charming looking couple opposite me…..and what happened was so odd and kind of touching and definitely a bit gross, that I had to write a poem about it.

I hope it captures how intimacy can be simultaneously gross and beautiful. 

It’s got to be love

A beautiful couple at Camden Road

Perhaps just moved in, the load of life has

Not worn them down yet and they look past the

Just met phase of the relationship, she

Slips her arm into his  and smiles at him.

It’s sweet to see love in this city where

Public emotion is often grim, just

Arguments and yells.  I think to myself,

Could be wedding bells soon when suddenly

Her attention zooms in on his right ear

And then without fear or pause, she scoops out

Something with her little finger, checks the

Cause carefully and then shows it to him

With a smile! He laughs, she then spends a while

Excavating the side of his head, each

New find shown to her man, who instead of

Registering dread, just continues to

Smile as he is deep mined by his lady’s

Fingers and though I am grossed out, I can’t

Help but linger on this weird intimate

Scene, equally touching and obscene but

I think, on balance, I should be happy

For any pair that can do something like

This in public, because…it’s got to be love.

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