The future is bright


This was inspired by a wonderful poet who wrote a humorous, warm poem about how much she loved men who read and I thought there should be a poem that celebrates smart women. 

I have had an epiphany

It fills me like a symphony,

Melding my heart and intellect,

A combination we so

Often neglect, my days of bimbo

Chasing are over, no more


The wild rover, I will now seek

In perpetuity and forever

A girl whose principle

Asset is that she’s clever, no

Longer entranced by pretty houses

Where the lights are always out,


Or good time girls who scream and shout

And belch like rugby lads on the

Piss, henceforth I give those things a

Miss, they were youthful folly, even

Though they led to jolly times,

Inspired rhymes, but that’s not me now.


It’s all about how to woo those

Inclined to Geek Chique, that mystique

That lies in the pursuit of learning.

You see what I’m yearning for

Is afternoons of Wittgentstein

Over tapas and wine that she’s


Researched in Madrid, a girl from

Whom nothing can be hid since her

Curiosity for the secrets

Of the universe is like

Some blessed curse that pushes her

To explore the world and all its


Riches, I won’t spend time on other….women

But look to find a

Scholar, oh if I only I could

Collar some lass who came top of

Class and whose IQ leaves me in

The shade, my life would be made, I


Tell you the world belongs to the

IT beauties, Research scientists,

Tech savvy cuties, Sir Mixalot

Says he likes big butts, that’s fine

For him, but I say he’s shut the

Door on a world of new romance

Of those entranced by how many


Angels could dance on the head of

A pin, how I wish she’d let me

Into her unique view of life,

She could be lover, partner, wife

For though beauty fades and a body

Shrinks, you can always love someone who thinks.

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