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‘IF…’ – For Pete

  So, recently, I was at a wonderful play in West London and at the after party I was introduced to a charming, intelligent, thoughtful man called Pete. Over the course of the evening, we got drunk on cheap booze, discussed coding, literature and whatever came to mind and I remember thinking as I travelled […]

The future is bright

  This was inspired by a wonderful poet who wrote a humorous, warm poem about how much she loved men who read and I thought there should be a poem that celebrates smart women.  I have had an epiphany It fills me like a symphony, Melding my heart and intellect, A combination we so Often […]

Children of a lesser war

This poem came about during quite a dark time in my life. Although I had left the Army and was superficially successful, the deep sense of regret that I felt at the lives lost and the wasted effort involved in the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan gnawed away at me. One of our family […]


People are many faced. That’s not a bad thing. We have dozens of different characters and personalities that shift and change with our  situation, surroundings and companions. For many years, I struggled with fitting my own way of thinking into conventional patterns and although I achieved material success by suppressing large chunks of my personality, […]

It’s my mind

Your mind is the most precious thing you own. It defines your perspectives, guides your action and how comfortable you are inside your own head is probably the biggest factor in determining your contentment and happiness throughout your life.  That’s why, I think, historically, governments of every shade, creed and hue have tried to control it.  […]

It’s got to be love

So I am on my way to Stratford and I spot this charming looking couple opposite me…..and what happened was so odd and kind of touching and definitely a bit gross, that I had to write a poem about it. I hope it captures how intimacy can be simultaneously gross and beautiful.  It’s got to […]

Clicktivist Rebel

I don’t like relentless negativity. We all need to whinge from time to time but you’ve got to balance out the negative with a positive vision. It’s not enough simply to identify the world has problems, there are very few people around who don’t know that on some level, you have to put forward solutions.  […]