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‘IF…’ – For Pete

  So, recently, I was at a wonderful play in West London and at the after party I was introduced to a charming, intelligent, thoughtful man called Pete. Over the course of the evening, we got drunk on cheap booze, discussed coding, literature and whatever came to mind and I remember thinking as I travelled […]

The grass is always greener

When my first marriage split up, I went to live in and around Vauxhall for some three years and it was here that I made a lot of friends on the gay scene that flourished there (sadly all the clubs are being closed down by developers). This was a little tribute I wrote to that […]

Zombie apocalypse – London Town

We all know how to survive a Zombie apocalypse in America but what about our beloved Metropolis? A guide to surviving a London based disaster is below, as is an audio link.   Zombie apocalypse,  London town Deaths tolls up, but house prices down, From Mayfair to Shoreditch, buildings are vacant Schools have no children, Doctors […]

Middle Class Revolutionary

There is a type of person who seems to thrive on taking their personal anger and avoiding dealing with it by protesting all the time for any number of worthy causes. Often they are privileged and all too often it seems they are playing out some sort of drama they’ve concocted in their heads. You […]

Ignorance lies in the beholder’s eye

So, frequently I would head to poetry nights after work, which back in my more corporate days meant I turned up wearing a suit. And encountered some very hostile reactions. And it struck me as odd because these were the very same people who would then stand up and declaim about how society would be […]

I know you

I met a Yemeni hipster at a party in south east London and we chatted easily over cigarettes, switching between the two languages. I was a little more clumsy than usual because I have spoken to so few Arab women, that I kept on using the masculine instead of the feminine when speaking to her. It was […]


I am a white, middle class man in the UK, so the dice are pretty much loaded in my favour. Whilst I can try to understand what it feels like, there’s no way I can know how it is to have someone judge you literally for being who you physically are, either on the basis […]