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Children of a lesser war

This poem came about during quite a dark time in my life. Although I had left the Army and was superficially successful, the deep sense of regret that I felt at the lives lost and the wasted effort involved in the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan gnawed away at me. One of our family […]

BBC5 Commission – In this silence we remember

I was sat at the desk at my new work place when an email flashed up on the screen of my phone saying ‘Request from the Today program’. After a quick double take I opened it to find an invitation to discuss Kipling as a War poet on Radio 4. The interview went very well […]

Anger is easy

This was written in the immediate aftermath of the Lee Digby tragedy. Like everyone else, I was appalled by what had happened on that street in Woolwich, but like many, I recognised what those two murderers wanted was to polarize the debate. We can’t let that happen. Anger is easy Anger is easy, I can […]

And then came the guns

I have a degree in International Relations and Arabic and an interpreter’s diploma in that same language and a large number of friends who are experts in the geopolitics of the region. It’s doubtful there is a region in the world that has as many ‘experts’ or think tanks or initiatives to solve its issues. […]

A lifetime

Killing someone is disturbingly clinical. For those who are best at it, it’s a skill like any other that they take a pride in. This poem was based on a conversation with a young Royal Marine in the swamps on the Iraqi border. He was a good bloke, very smart and after a week of […]

Just because you can…..

This is a poetic rendering of an actual conversation I had with a very brave US Marine. I’ll leave it to you to read it but he was very funny and very smart. Just because you can.. I sat south of Fallujah by What once had been a factory Producing God knows what But now […]

The Eagle and the Lion

I think I had just read through a cache of Dr Seuss books when I wrote this. As a child I loved the way he could use nursery rhyme wisdom to deal with complex issues. I particularly enjoyed  the ‘Butter Battle Book’ which was a brilliant satire of the Cold War and the absurdity of the causes […]